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Juliet - Ivory & Co Juliet is a truly stunning headpiece with real vintage styling. Delicate cut solitaire stones are set in an intricate pattern of leaves on the side of the band, whilst beautiful elongated marquise cut stones lie above in starbursts interspersed with real ivory freshwater pearls.  Small cut solitaires line a double row headband around the fron..
Kayla - Ivory & Co Kayla is a simple and elegant headpiece, crafted by using tiny cut solitaire stones and cut crystal beads set in a delicate pattern along the headband and accented by natural lustre man-made pale ivory pearls and silver enameled flowers.  This design looks wonderful with hair up or down and can suit many dress styles as it is so versatile, but..
Laluna - Ivory & Co  Laluna is a very romantic and vintage style bridal/wedding tiara created using cut solitaire stones set along the length of the design and interspersed by sprays of sparkling cut crystal beads. Tiny and delicate ivory freshwater pearls adorn a floral pattern along the bottom of the headpiece.  Perfect for brides wanting glamorous sparkl..
Layla - Ivory & Co  Layla is a stylish and elegant design, created using cut solitaire stones set in a crescent band and adorned with dazzling cut crystal beads and ivory freshwater pearls. This design has been influenced by classical Grecian and Renaissance jewellery and because of it's classic design is very versatile and compliments many styles of dresses. &n..
Leah - Ivory & Co A delicate and elegant design influenced by Victorian jewellery.  Shining cut solitaire stones have been set in an elaborate pattern tapering down either side of the headband, interspersed with small ivory freshwater pearls and topped with cut crystal beads. Perfect for brides wanting a subtle and classically beautiful headpiece. Leah best suit..
Lilly Halo & Co bridal/wedding pearl side tiara.     For more information on this stunning bridal tiara please contact Damselle Tiaras. We can still order your Halo & Co accessory for you even if it is not shown on this website. Please contact us with any query you may have. Damselle Tiaras & Wedding Accessories offers, for more information on this mont..
£190.00 £120.00
Lolita - Ivory & Co This headpiece is truely stunning and an enduring favourite with brides. Influenced by Art Deco jewellery designs, Lolita has been created using small and large cut solitaire stones set in square and stylised floral motifs as were popular in the 1920's era.  The whole length of the tiara is also adorned with ivory freshwater pearls.  This des..
Lucille Ivory & Co bridal/wedding side tiara. This is a very dainty design created using sparkling solitaire cut stones set in a pattern of leaves and flowing scrolls.  These are decorated with very tiny ivory real freshwater pearls, larger teardrop crystals and cut crystal beads for extra sparkle. Pearls and crystals continue along the band. This headpiece is often chosen by bride..
Lulu Ivory & Co Gold Side Bridal/Wedding Tiara This lovely headpiece is an enduring favourite as it is so delicate and pretty. Cut solitaire stones form floral motifs across the band and flower blossom on the side of the band. Real freshwater ivory pearls are interwoven across the design and surround the flowers. Perfect for beach weddings and less formal spring or summer brides. • ..
Lynette - Ivory & Co Lynette is a lovely and unusual headpiece, crafted using cut solitaire stones set along a rippled headband and interspersed with sparkling cut crystal beads, small ivory freshwater pearls and silver enameled flowers. This flowing design is delicate and pretty and looks wonderful with flowing dresses and for beach or overseas weddings. &n..
Mae – Ivory & Co bridal/wedding hairvine Mae is a really pretty and versatile bridal/wedding hairvine. sparkling solitaire stones and both oval and rounded pearlised bugle beads are set in a delicate floral vine pattern and attached to a comb for extra security when pinning into the hair. This hairvine can be worn over the head lie a tiara, on the side of the head or even wound around t..
Maisie Ivory & Co bridal/wedding pearl side tiara Maisie is a very delicate and pretty headpiece. It is made up of sparkling solitaire cut stones set in a pattern of blossom leaves and intertwined with vines of tiny ivory freshwater pearls.  Pearls and crystals continue along the band. This is a really beautiful design and best suits romantic dresses with antique styling or featuri..
Marianne - Ivory & Co  Marianne is a dainty Bridal/Wedding tiara with vintage influences and a real antique style.  Small cut solitaire stones and crystal beads are formed into a vintage pattern on the side of the band and adorned with glass bugle beads and natural lustre pale ivory man-made pearls.  This headpiece looks wonderful with 1920's styled dr..
Martina Ivory & Co bridal/wedding side pearl tiara. Martina is a stunning and very eye catching headpiece. Cut solitaire stones are set in a beautiful pattern of flower blossom, leaves and scrolls and are interspersed with ivory natural lustre manmade pearls.  This headpiece is perfect for brides who want enough sparkle but in a pretty and delicate pattern. Would look perfect with ..
Matilda - Ivory & Co  Matilda is a vintage style bridal/wedding tiara influenced by antique jewellery and headpieces. Tiny cut solitaire stones have been set in small leaves and delicate ribbons and swirls, adorned with ivory freshwater pearls. Would be ideal for brides wanting a vintage look to accompany a traditional dress with antique styling. Looks wonderful with dresses accent..
Matilda Halo & Co mother of pearl and tulle bridal/wedding side headpiece.   As sweet as the name suggests the pearl flower has a central Swarovski stone that adds a touch of glamour yet retains its feminine beauty. Compact in size it is perfect for brides who are looking to capture that understated look. Tulles, silks and crystals are mixed to create the perfect sidepiece. ..
£130.00 £105.00